Can an LTC course be safe, engaging, and unintimidating? Absolutely!

At Enclave Defense, we know that a firearms course does not have to be boring in order to be safe. In fact, we find that an engaging presentation that includes humor and videos help our students retain the critical information they need to know to safely and lawfully carry concealed.

If an LTC course that includes pop-culture references and videos presented in the unintimidating comfort of your own home is what you’re looking for, contact us to request a quote and schedule your class!

“But doesn’t Texas’ ‘constitution carry’ law mean I don’t need an LTC?”

That’s correct…for the most part. Unlike some LTC instructors that seemed to be more concerned about their bottom line than your rights, Enclave Defense publicly supported and endorsed HB 1927 and lawful gun owners’ right to not have to petition the government before exercising a fundamental right.

That said, there are still great advantages to getting your LTC. LTC holders can legally conceal carry in other states that recognize Texas’ LTC (aka reciprocity). Additionally, any make-shift “no guns” sign can restrict “constitution carry” whereas a properly displayed signed meeting specific legal requirement is required if you have an LTC.

Those who chose to “constitution carry” should educate themselves about relevant Texas law and understand that mistakes made during a use of force incident may place them in a legally precarious situation with serious ramifications. If you feel expanded legal benefits and the training / education gained from an LTC course is for you, we appreciate your consideration.

Do your kids know what to do if they see a gun?